Hero Defense: Kill Undead

Hero Defense: Kill Undead 1.1.3

Tower defense game with an RPG feel

Hero Defense: Kill Undead is a free tower defense game for Android with an RPG twist - and it proves a lot of fun.

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  • Fun to play
  • Three characters to choose from
  • Lots of power-ups and characters to unlock


  • Confusing at first
  • Arena mode match-ups are often unfair


Hero Defense: Kill Undead is a free tower defense game for Android with an RPG twist - and it proves a lot of fun.

What is Hero Defense about?

Your mission in Hero Defense: Kill Undead is to protect your tower from being attacked by the evil skeleton hordes who creep slowly towards it. You choose one of three characters to play as: warrier, ranger, or wizard, each of which have slightly different skills.

Your character then goes into battle, using their weapon to fend off attacks while being careful not to get hit by the skeletons' blows. Hero Defense: Kill Undead contains lots of power-ups, spells which can help you. These can be earned or bought during the game.

What's more, you can recruit a troop of warriers to help you defend your castle, unlocking different types of fighter as you progress through each level. You can summon these to the battlefield to help you fend off the skeletons.

Once you get past level four, you can play the Arena mode, where you tackle other players online. Good luck with this as it's very, very difficult even with lots of spells and a solid status.

There are lots of trophies to collect in Hero Defense: Kill Undead, which you can earn by completing challenges. This helps to add to the long-term interest of the game.

How to play Hero Defense: Kill Undead

The actions in Hero Defense: Kill Undead are pretty basic - move left by touching the left of the screen and right by touching the right side. Your character will automatically attack when he gets near a baddie. Be careful though, because they'll whack you if you don't get out of the way.

Hero Defense: Kill Undead is a bit confusing if you've never played this type of game before. There's no real tutorial level and the process of upgrading and earning/buying powers and spells isn't really explained.

How does it look?

Hero Defense: Kill Undead looks and feels great. The graphics are fantastical, especially the characters in the game, and the music is very atmospheric. The animation is a little crude when fighting, though walking around is very smooth.

The verdict

Hero Defense: Kill Undead is a bit more imaginative than the average tower defense game. It's great fun to play and unlike many other games supported by in-app purchase it is possible to go through the game without spending anything.

Hero Defense: Kill Undead


Hero Defense: Kill Undead 1.1.3

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